Newborn mentoring

1:1 Mentoring: $400.00

(A $150 deposit is required to book a 1:1 mentoring with us & is non-refundable) The balance is due a week before the scheduled mentoring date.

I remember when I first started out with Newborn Photography, I thought I could dive right into it. But there's so much to learn, from safety, proper posing, using props, wrapping, parents, siblings, the list goes on. Not to mention the business side of photography.

I have taken many years of safety classes, courses, and a lot of workshops to learn about safety, posing, wrapping, and using props.

What took me many years to learn, I want to help others in their journey as newborn photographers. Everyday we are learning. I offer mentoring in my studio, one on one. We will have one newborn model for that particular day scheduled. I suggest taking notes, you can bring your own camera which I encourage so you can take some shots. Hands on learning is really beneficial to newborn photography. Please understand though, that not everything can be taught with one or two babies. It takes time, but it's really important you understand the safety of newborn photography.

You will learn:

+Minimal posing on the poser (bean bag). Bum up, side pose, potatoe sack, simple womb wrap (with little one's cooperation), and angles.

+Newborn safety with props and how to pose safely in props. Please understand how a composite works. Because of safety we do a lot of composites with little one in props.

+Parent and sibling posing

+What is under the fabrics on the bean bag (it seems like a big mystery)

+Tips on how to soothe baby

+Some wrapping techniques


+Some business tips (what's helped me)

+Learn how to create an easy workflow that fits you and your client

You need the following:

+Need to know basic knowledge of photoshop

+Know how to use manual mode on your camera, ISO+f/stop

+DSLR camera with 35mm, 50mm, or 24-70mm lens

+Notebook or laptop for taking notes

What's included:

+Lunch & snacks

+My entire list of equipment & favorite vendors to take with you

If you're interested please email with the subject line mentoring. Please let me know what areas you'd like to focus on and work on the most. Send at least three images of your recent work.

Before you inquire, make sure you have time to learn. As this will honestly take an entire day of your time. If you're schedule is too busy, then you may want to wait on a mentoring session.